TRM Manufacturing 410C Weatherall 4 Mil Clear Poly Plastic Sheet, 1 Box of 100 Feet Long by 10 Feet Wide

TRM Manufacturing 410C Weatherall 4 Mil Clear Poly Plastic Sheet, 1 Box of 100 Feet Long by 10 Feet Wide

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  • Versatile Poly Sheeting that can be used in many applications, easy tape adhesion
  • Made in the USA
  • 10' x 100' x 4 Mil thick plastic sheet in clear, use for overspray protection, drop cloth, table cover, boat cover
  • Great for protecting product and items from harsh environments Dust guard, rain, snow, or any aggressive surrounding, TRM Weatherall covers are great for most applications
  • Also used as vapor barrier concrete cover, spray barrier or liner

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At KP Operating Supply, we stand as your trusted partner in restoration excellence. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we redefine the standard, ensuring that every peel, stick, and application reflects the essence of our brand – where precision meets progress.



I recently used this zipper unit to create a dustproof area in my basement for spray painting, and overall, it proved to be a quality product with a few noteworthy features. The standout feature is undoubtedly the strength of the adhesive on the sticky side of the zipper. It's incredibly sticky, so my advice is not to rush when applying the plastic to the sticky side. The adhesive ensures a secure bond, creating a reliable seal for dustproof settings. This was particularly crucial for my spray-painting project, and the zipper performed admirably in maintaining a barrier against dust and debris.


Whether closing off an area for sanding, painting, or heat retention, this self-stick zipper is a great idea. These provide a positive close with it still being easy to enter and leave the area. I like the red color that is easier to find the opening whether day or night. This is a set of two. They are quite sturdy, maybe even re-usable depending upon whether it is applied to thin or thick plastic and if carefully removed and stored.

Armchair Guppy

My husband is making a paint booth and got these zippers to have for the "door". They are so easy to use! Just stick it where you want and then cut the opening in your plastic. Easy!


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